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Abraham (Avi) Ulman
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Avi Ulman  

אבי אולמן

Original, Bold, Creative, Metal and Ceramic Art and Jewelery
My story

Born in Israel in 1946, with B.Sc. and M.Sc. in chemistry from Bar-Ilan University, a PhD in Chemistry from the Weizmann Institute, and two years post doctorate at Northwestern University, I am a chemist, with longstanding interest in art. Over the past 45 years, my research has demonstrated originality, expertise, leadership, training, and motivation. I have both academic and industrial experience. My scientific work has produced over 200 peer reviewed papers, 7 patents, 1-authored book, and 6-edited books. My citation index in Google Scholar shows over 36,000 citations, h-index 68, and i10-index 163, one of the highest in NYU.


I first studied pottery at the Rochester Art Gallery, where I mainly worked on hand-built structures. There, my fascination with the unique creativity offered by glazing resulted is the blue pieces below. In 1994 After moving to Brooklyn I continued my education in pottery in a private studio, continuing to develop my hand building techniques. From 2009 to 2011 I joined The Art Student League, and studied metal sculpturing, concentrating on building sculptures using welding techniques. Currently, I am a member of Choplet Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  

What makes my painted creations unique?

In a typical process, probably for the vast majority of ceramics on the market, the dry item is first fired at 1800F (Cone 06), the bisque item is then dipped in a glaze, and the glazed item is fired at 2200F (Cone 6).

My painted creations require a significantly more steps and work:

1. The dry item is painted with 2 layers of white underglaze. This provides a totally white "canvas", while separating between the clay body and the applied colored design, thus preventing possible high temperature chemical reaction, which might cause changes in the original colors.

2. The design is created, and three layers of color underglazes are applied.

3. A layer of colored dots is applied for additional detail.

4. Three layers of low fire clear underglaze are applied.

5. The item is fired at 1880F (Cone 5).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

A vase with a carved surface
Planter with no shiny glazing (NFS)
Plate with diffusing cobalt under glaze (NFS)
Vase with a pressed knitted doily (NFS)
Planter with a tray (NFS)
Vase with diffusing cobalt under glaze (NFS)
A vase with a volcanic eruption
A vase with flowers
Container with a cover
Green plate with diffused brown underglaze ($60)
Purple vase with a face
Bowl with torn edge
Brown porcelain vase
Clown vase
Fortress vase with planter
Triangle vase
Vase with dark brown spheres
Vase with a flower
Face vase
Kitchen utensiles' holder
Bowl with leaf
Large bowl with round legs
Bowl with leavs
Bowl with under glaze pattern
Japanese style single flower vase
Tea kattle
Fortress vase
Bowl with under glaze pattern
Abstract on a ceramic plate
Bowl with blue motifs
A speckled clay bowl 
Double vase with branches (Sold)
Speckled plate with Kandinsky inspired elements
A candle holder
A bowl with cherries
A plate with Kandinsky inspired decoration
A round plate with apples (Sold)
The creation of man
Abstract painting on a clay tile (Sold)
Multicolor decoration on a round plate 
A divided round plate with Kandinsky elements
A bowl with orange a blue decoration
Double vase with black stickers
A plate with a pear
Double- decker plate 
A bowl with perforated structure
A plate with abstract motives (Sold) 
A plate with abstract decoration
Candle holder
A vase with a flower
A presentation plate with lemons 
Vase with branches
A bowl with oranges
A plate with orange and blues motives
Kandinsky-inspired puzzle
Presentation plate with cherries
A plate with speckled clay islands & red and blue motives
A rectangular planter
A plate with cherries
A new line of planters
A vase
A vase with purple and blue decoration
A vase with emerging colors
A plate with two flowers
Kandinsky-inspired puzzle
A plate with apples 
A vase with Kandinsky-inspired elements
A planter
Round night light
A spackle clay plate with apple
A planter
Square night light
A plate with a central container
The civil right march to Selma
Kandinsky-inspired vase
The glasses tray
Broches, the beginning of a Jewelry line
Earings and more earings
After a second coat of color. One more
to go and 3 coats of 
Matza plates for Passover 2023
Cake tray
Decorated plate
Decorated bowl
Sushi plates
Escher inspired window
Picasso's Guitar painting in three dimensions
Diversity - A view from a window on the Brooklyn downtown humanity
Miro inspired figure
A set of pears
Tealights candelabra
An abandoned American Town. Manufacturing moved to China
Multi color waves
The state of the Union
Oil menorah for Chanukkah

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van Gogh inspired window
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